"There is no doubt that Ferrati is a superior pianist who has the spark of an artist" 
Hanoch Ron. "Yediot Acharonot" (Israel)

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BBC Music Magazine - 4 STARS April 2014

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4 STARS - APRIL 2014

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04 08 2013 - Jung Mi Hwa
I hope to you read my message! I'm really impressed by your playing. I saw you playing 'rondo alla turca'. I' never seen such a great, wonderful, fascinating playing!! I'm really deference you. I love your music thank you!!!

26 01 2013 - Isis Herrador
Love your music,,, so proud of you sir, keep doing the good job. 

17 08 2012 - licia
l'ho scoperta su you tube, le sue interpretazioni mi danno la pelle d'oca, e in assoluto quella di per elisa. grazie per la sua musica.

24 04 2012 - Elaine
love your music

07 02 2012 - Egyptian
U are the most talented pianist i have ever seen.I loved how you played turkish march and even when i am in egypt i still love hearing you So i guess you are talented enough to be famous globally Sry For my bad english

13 12 2011 - Rabib Noor
Your playing is wonderful. I've just heard it in youtube, and now I'm a great fan.

06 12 2011 - Anna Maria Augustin

03 12 2011 - Saowanee Wechvirul
You are excellent. My dream is to have my lovely daughter being a good pianist just a half of you.

12 09 2011 - Cristian
If Mozart were alive today, would say "I am proud" , and would say this after a Massimiliano Ferrati concert

23 07 2011 - Joseph Anthony Yutig
I like your talent, I want to be like you.

23 07 2011 - Abby Vansickle
You are really wonderful. You are my role model in piano playing. All of your playing is just beautiful.