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28 07 2016 - Ari Y
I attended your concert on July 26th and I have to say it was the greatest interpretation of Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata I have ever heard in my life (especially the third movement). And your performance of Chopin's Third Sonata was unforgettable! I am so happy you have the music available online as well. :) Ciao.

12 10 2014 - Soledad
Muchas felicitaciones a Massimiliano. Es excelente. Er spielt sehr gut. He is great. Escribo desde Chile. Saludos !!!

23 12 2013 - Twins Khaley Shaleya
we L0VE ur Alla Turca by Mozart and Scherzo No. 2 by Chopin ^.^

17 08 2013 - Ginger
Hello Mr. Ferrati, I just listened to Turkish March on youtube and I loved it very much. You played it beautifully. My son has been taking piano lessons for the past three years. I asked him to listen to your music with me. You're an inspiration to him. I hope he can play like you someday. Thank you very much!

07 08 2013 - Jung Mi Hwa
These days, l'm so tired from studying. i'm so worried and confused about my future that i can't concentrate on my study well. Only your playing heals me. Thank you. I love your music

05 08 2013 - Jung Mi Hwa
Hello :) i'm a big fan of yours. I wish i could be a great pianist like you. I really want to see your concert if I can. I love your music so much. I love you!!!!♥♥

04 08 2013 - Jung Mi Hwa
I hope to you read my message! I'm really impressed by your playing. I saw you playing 'rondo alla turca'. I' never seen such a great, wonderful, fascinating playing!! I'm really deference you. I love your music thank you!!!

02 04 2013 - Raivo Savola
Hey! I am a huge fan of yours and I have been listening your piano pieces, and my favorite one was Turkish march. You are a very talented pianist, thank you for showing your awesome talent! Keep up the good work!!!

26 01 2013 - Isis Herrador
Love your music,,, so proud of you sir, keep doing the good job.

17 08 2012 - licia
l'ho scoperta su you tube, le sue interpretazioni mi danno la pelle d'oca, e in assoluto quella di per elisa. grazie per la sua musica.

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